Webster's on-line Dictionary definition on Pleasure:

2 : a state of gratification
3 a : sensual gratification b : frivolous amusement
4 : a source of delight or joy

For everyday pleasure I enjoy dancing to music that I turn up on the radio. I like chasing my boys around the house or when they chase me. The kids and I get into water fights, and sometimes we'll throw foam balls at each other.

When I get the time you will find me taking tons of pictures. I take pictures of family, my house and car, people in general, and the outdoors. I love life, and taking pictures of the things I enjoy in life gives me great pleasure.

Flirting is another form of pleasure I enjoy. Ever drive your car around and flirt with the opposite sex? I do. I also enjoy flirting in news groups and on-line... but it is all in fun. It is just flirting.


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