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To the right is a picture of me. I'm the spot in the middle. :-) It was taken by one of my sons when we went to the Lava Cast Forest just south of Bend, Oregon.

What about me? There is much to tell. Where I was born, where I lived, my family, my kids, what I like to do, etc.

I was born in Redwood City, California. The year was 1966. A nice year to be born. I can't remember why. I was more concerned with getting my diaper changed and being fed than what was going on.

I spent most of my years growing up in California. We lived in Milpitas, Santa Clara, Dublin, and of course Redwood City.

When I turned 11, my mother moved us to Salem, Oregon. Since then, I've spent most of my years in Oregon.

I have two dogs, one is a Golden Retriever, and a black cat with one single white hair. I have three sons; which I refer to them as My Three Sons.

All three of my boys makes me proud in different ways. My oldest is against voilence, the use of drugs, and cigerette smoking. My middle son is successful in his military career My youngest is caring, social, and enjoys life.

There are many things I like to do by myself and with my kids. Some of them are: hiking, driving, watching sports, bowling, golfing, playing games, taking pictures, and playing the piano. I enjoy programming games for my kids as well as playing games with them.

Picture taken by my cam while sitting at
my computer

If you're wondering what some of my dark sides are.... Well I like to debate. I will debate almost any topic from either side; it makes life really interesting... And I have many laughs during and afterwards.

Just for fun, I've included my wish list :-). Here is a list of music which I have some connection to currently. Music is very important to me, I have found it an important way of expressing who I am. I love artwork as a form of self expression. You can view my own artwork from this page.

My peace... getting out of the house. I will go anywhere that I can reach within a four hour period of time. My medium... my car (watch out for my car). My pleasure... taking tons of pictures (I should buy stock in Kodak). My freedom... the State of Oregon and all it's wonders.... from the Fossil Beds to the coast lines... I will be there.

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