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Below are samples of my artwork. Click on the pictures below to see the larger views. All pieces of artwork shown are my own. The media I used was drawing paper and ink. The only colored pieces was created with the three basic colors of red, blue, and yellow plus I used a flat black for the white tiger and shading. These pieces took me anywhere from two hours to 15 hours, depending on size and approach. Some are created using only dots, while others I used lines. The man holding the baby is done with only lines and took 15 hours to complete. The picture of the woman's face is all dots and only took two hours. I hope you enjoyed them.

Black and White - Woman in Water

Black and White - Face of a Lady

Black and White - A Proud Father

Color - Ryan and White Tiger

Black and White with some color - Lady with Beads

Black and White - Me at 22

Black and White - Mike and Kevin

Here are a couple of older works. Same photo, but different meduims and concepts.

Kevin and I in Black Charcol on white paper
and I in color pencils on white paper

This is something that I did back in 1985. There are over 10,000 squares. This is intentionally left unfinished. What do you think? This is orginally an 8x8 inch square. And when looked at in different angles, it changes looks.

Computer graphics is something I've been playing with since 1994. The sample to the left is just one graphics I created while just playing with Adobe Photoshop, and the sample to the right is a leaf I sketched by hand and played with in Adobe Photoshop after scanning it into my computer.


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